Just a thought

Yesterday was Open Evening. Not the type where parents turn up and ask how Little Johnny is doing in his lessons, but the type where small people from primary schools turn up with their parents and we do a bit of marketing.

Normally we share out the pain work, but as a result of my inability to stop making rash offers, I ended up doing a shift in the ICT department, before heading back to the maths department (which was insanely busy) for a stint of non-stop origami. Finally there was a lull in the crowds during which I managed to escape to my final session of the evening at the STEM Club stand, for yet more origami. A good evening, but a late one.

So tonight I absolutely promised both Mr TLC and myself that I wouldn’t be late home. I don’t know who you saw leaving school at 7:30 this evening, but it can’t have been me. Oh no. Well OK, maybe it was. Must try harder tomorrow.

Anyway, I’ve had many random thoughts today, but this one is by far the best: by this time next week Mr TLC and I will be enjoying a pint in the Lake District. Yay!

I don’t know whose masterful plan it was to stick a random day of holiday in the middle of this half term to make a blissfully long weekend, but I’m sure I shall feel most indebted to them.

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