Show and Tell

I’ve not been blogging much lately, apart from the odd Tweet. So I thought it was time to tell you what I’ve been doing. And maybe explain why Mr TLC is singing Bor1s the Fle@.

I’ve been Flashing! Ooh er.

I’m having great fun making Flashy stuff for my other place. Basically, my life has been taken over by daft c0in and m@tchst1ck puzzles, fle@s with silly names (not real ones, she adds unnecessarily!) and mag1c1ans. Some of it’s still a bit glitchy, but I’m getting there. (There was no way to do that without leaving a trail of breadcrumbs, but what the heck, the trail was already there if you looked. Anyway, my students are a lot less tech-savvy than you might think, so I’ll take the chance.)

I’ve also been making some images and animations. This is supposed to be me:

I think there’s a vague resemblance – you’ll have to take my word for that, because it’s way too late to go hunting for photos. Obviously the real me has a nose. Which is very useful for holding my glasses up.

This one’s not finished, but I quite like the way that he looks like one of those old 70s style animations with only his arms moving. So now I don’t know whether to leave him like that, or make his foot tap and his head and hat bob as I originally planned.

Unfortunately I seem to have made one of his arms higher than the other. Perhaps I should take him to see St Brendan the Chiropractor when I go for my appointment tomorrow.

He has no nose either. How does he smell?

Awful! (Thank you! I’ll be here all week!)

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