Spurious Lists

Five random things that have happened since I started blogging:
1. I have outed myself.

Strange but true. I decided that since I sometimes write about school, the best thing was to just tell the headteacher what I was doing. So I went to see him and outed myself as a not-particularly-anonymous Blogger (frankly, anyone who knows me would recognise me easily from what’s here). He looked a bit shocked, but after we discussed what I do – and more importantly what I don’t – he seems happy with my self imposed limits, although I’m fairly sure I’ve spotted him dropping in to have a look a couple of times. *Waves at the boss*

2. Literally hundreds of people have arrived here after Googling. “What should you call a three-legged cat”, “Names for three legged cats” or something similar.

Am I missing something here? Why does a three-legged cat need a special name? Unsurprisingly ours kept the same name after his accident – although we did sometimes call him Yard, because he had three feet.

Anyhoo, I don’t know what you call a three-legged cat, but I do know what you call a one-legged dog. Anything you like – he can’t chase you!

3. More than 88 000 people have watched my video of a drain. The world’s an odd place.

4. At one point Google decided that this was the right page to send people searching for “evidence of witchcraft in Wincobank, Sheffield,” which is quite an exciting thought. I don’t have any evidence though, sorry.

5. I have disappointed quite a few people who have searched Flickr for photos of a woman with enormous breasts. I don’t think this is really what they were looking for :^)

Five things that I found whilst rummaging through boxes of junk earlier this evening:
Rocked1. Pictures of me aged 18, in my first year at university (first time around). I look at this person, but she seems so very unfamiliar, I am like a stranger to her.

2. Photos of my Nan on what we knew would be her last birthday. She looks much sadder than I remember.

3. The missing piece from my cardboard Leadmill. Yay!

4. Tickets for two concerts at Don Valley Stadium.

5. Half a lifetime of forgotten memories.

1 comment to Spurious Lists

  • Sometimes I get those strange misplaced searches on unusual topics and I know the answer to whatever it is they are looking for.

    There’s no ‘ungoogle’ to be able to send it back to them though.

    Three-Legged Cat writes: The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of an ungoogle.