What's In A Name?

‘I could be Mr Buxton,’ suggests Mr TLC.

Mr TLC is having fun coming up with random names for himself. After I referred to him as Mr A Derbyshiretown yesterday, he keeps wandering in and announcing himself in a variety of guises.

Mr Buxton could sound rather grand, but since we invariably pronounce Buxton in the style of the Blue Cat, it just ends up sounding a bit Peter Kay. Mr Buxton’s exaggerated northern accent amuses us for a while, but we soon tire of him.

‘Mr New-Mills here, how do you do?’ Mr New-Mills is frightfully well spoken. I didn’t know my favourite Yorkshireman could do that. It goes well for a while, until Mr New-Mills forgets himself and asks what I want for dinner. Surely someone as posh as Mr New-Mills does lunch at midday, even in Yorkshire? Mind you, someone as posh as Mr New-Mills might not make my lunch/dinner for me – and I’m pretty sure we don’t have a butler to do it instead.

Mr Whatstandwell makes an appeance, but is disallowed on a spurious technicality. I’m fairly sure that Whatstandwell (I always think that sounds more like a question than a name) is a village. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

‘Mr Flash?’ Ah-ah. Saviour of the universe. Dum, dum, dum, dum.

Mr Flash may have his own ready-made theme tune, but to me, that particular name just conjures up images of Rik Mayall. Plus we weren’t sure if Flash is in Derbyshire or Cheshire. (Answer: Derbyshire. But it’s a village. Shall we allow villages?)

‘Mr Congleton?’

‘No, that’s definitely in Cheshire.’

We could be running with this one for a while…

Anyway, it’s over to you lovely t’Internet people. Which Derbyshire town/village/place should we name Mr TLC after?

The best suggestion wins the honour of bestowing a new blog name on Mr TLC. And maybe a prize, if I can think of one. Suggestions welcome on that front as well.

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