Ooh look, the world didn’t end. Which is kind of surprising, because I hadn’t given much thought to anything AMM (that’s After Monday Morning by the way), but here I am, surprised to find myself living in that unexpected epoch.

Have you ever been so focused on one key event that you can’t seem to see past it? This morning there was a GCSE maths module exam. I had two classes, plus some intervention students, entered for modules at various levels. I also run a drop in help club at lunchtimes, which normally consists of me eating my lunch whilst assorted students play computer games.

But it’s the final module for many students and they want to do well – which is great. They’ve been turning up and wanting to revise, get help, do some work – which is brilliant.

So I’ve had to cancel lunchtime computer games and blog reading and actually deliver some help at the help club. Ooh. Students have turned up for after school revision classes, regardless of whether one was scheduled or not. We managed five after school sessions out of five last week. They’re keen you know.

Oh and then there’s the small matter of the students who’ve been catching up on their ICT work and a kind of fake Ofsted thing going on.

Plus a bit of frantic web site updating. I’ve created revision pages for many of the modules we do, with some original stuff and a lot of links to revision materials on other sites. The students really like these – and I have the stats to prove it.

So it was bad timing when one of the main sites that I link to decided to restructure and break all my links. Boo! Honestly, people have no business updating their own websites without consulting me 😛

Blimey. Busy doesn’t quite cover it. So now you know why I’ve been strangely silent here.

I’m not complaining, this is what I signed up for. I think it’s great that the students are keen. I’m delighted that they want to come and revise. It’s just that I’ve been so focused on getting through to this morning that I don’t think I really saw past it, but then suddenly it had passed and I found myself feeling as if I had stepped outside of the normal passage of time.

Weird feeling. But hey, it’s science and engineering week; there’s lots of exciting stuff going on, which means plenty to do, so I’m sure that the slight sense of hiatus will disappear quite soon 🙂

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