Brief Encounter

We caught a brief glimpse of Fabulous Mr Fox* on the way home tonight. First sighting this year. Must be spring.

*I’m know that many people do not find Mr Fox to be fabulous, but I like him. I’m sure I’d feel differently if I lived somewhere a little less urban and kept chickens.

6 comments to Brief Encounter

  • We had a small one living in the multi story at our office. They called the RSPCA to check it out.

  • …multi story car park that is !

  • Kill. And one has to refer to them as ‘Mr Bushy Tail'(s), because if one is not suitably reverential, they tend to take a fence. Ooops, offence. And *loops to start*.

  • I live 20 mins walk from the centre of Leeds, not what you’d call rural at all, and there are foxes living in our neighbour’s back garden.

    During the winter a small fox kept using his broken cat flap to get into the shared stairwell, and because he leaves the flat door ajar for his cat he once woke up to find the fox had come right in and was IN BED with him.

    The cat was not pleased.

  • I am confused as to whether the Mr Bushy Tail was in bed with the man or the cat. One needs to know…

  • Man and cat sleep hapily together most of the time (until cat is hungry). Cat was nowhere to be seen for a long time after the appearance of the fox, which my neighbour actually mistook for the cat for quite a few sleepy moments before fully regaining consciousness.

    Cat later made very clear its view that it doesn’t get paid to act as a guard cat, and shouted some very rude things in the general direction of the man until he apologised with a ham sandwich.