A Small Resolution

I am in danger of turning into something I do not wish to be, namely a grumpy looking character who says [assumes special whiny voice] ‘I haven’t got tiiime…’ far too often.

The ‘I haven’t got time’ thing is rubbish. I have 24 hours a day, no more and no less than anyone else. It’s largely up to me how I make use of it.

I haven’t been making much use of any part of those 24 hours here lately; hence the intermittent blog stasis in recent months. Even when I have written anything, I’ve been the blogging panda, who writes posts and leaves.

I really like blogging. There’s no reason why I can’t find a few minutes each day to write a post. There’s no reason why I can’t respond to those people who are kind enough to leave comments here. In fact, ’tis rude not to.

The whole point of Blogland is using those comments boxes, otherwise (to quote BW) blogs are just websites, but as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve not been leaving many comments on your blogs either. That blogging panda is versatile you know – she also reads posts and leaves.

I really enjoy reading other people’s blogs and joining in the discussions rattling on in their comments threads. There’s no reason why I can’t find a few minutes each day to read – and comment on – other people’s musings.

Which is why I’m setting myself the target of posting and commenting every single day during April. Shouldn’t be too tricky – after all, half of April is school holiday time.

Why am I boring you with this stuff? Because I set myself this target in March. As you see, I did really well. Hardly missed any days at all. Ahem.

But hey, I work in education. We lurve targets. We understand how motivating an arbitrarily set, but publicly accountable, target can be 😉

So I’m hitting publish. My small resolution hits the public domain. Let’s see how I do.

4 comments to A Small Resolution

  • Good luck with the resolution! My blogging mojo seems to have dried up at the moment, aside from the odd twitter, book reviews and pictures of cats.

  • I attempt ten mins a day for a post and maybe the same to spin around a few sites.

    I’ll admit I sometimes have a spare post or two for emergency use (usually the record reviews and similar – which are not so time bound).

  • Z

    BW has a valid point, but all the same both blogging and commenting are voluntary activities, and because *I* blog doesn’t mean *you* should feel you have to comment. If you write me a private letter it would be rude of me not to reply, but it’s not rude if you don’t answer my comment or if I don’t make one.

    Targets, of course, should be SMART. Not that I can remember all the overly laboured words that make the acronym. So how much are they worth?