Because every blogger is allowed one ranty moany whinge…

I try not to whinge and moan here, I really do, but it’s got the better of me, on this, the annual low point of my year. < / lame excuse>

I loathe Bonfire Night week. It’s not the noise (although my cats and I could live without that), it’s not the burning of effigies, […]

A Small Resolution

I am in danger of turning into something I do not wish to be, namely a grumpy looking character who says [assumes special whiny voice] ‘I haven’t got tiiime…’ far too often.

The ‘I haven’t got time’ thing is rubbish. I have 24 hours a day, no more and no less than anyone else. It’s […]

One Week Later

Is it really a week since I last posted? It appears so. One whole week of stuff to tell you, some of it quite interesting, but sadly, you’re getting the edited low lights. Unlucky you.

(This is the point where good manners dictate that I say stop reading, look away now, go and read something […]