Yorkshire Spoken Here

I have acquired a new in tray at school. Someone pinched the old one. Weird.

It’s not really a tray, more of a blooming great plastic box, into which my students deposit their homework. Well some of them do, others prefer to leave lame excuses involving homework-eating dogs. (I originally typed that as ‘homework eating dogs’, which is an interesting mental image. Revenge of the homework perhaps?)

Anyhoo, for the benefit of the easily bewildered, for whom the sudden appearance of a bright yellow box might cause a modicum of confusion, I have put a helpful and informative label on it:

Ms L!ndem@nn’s In Tray
Please put any work for marking
or reply slips in this box.
Thank you.

A couple of my Y11 class thought this was hilarious. ‘But you’re not in tray Miss!’


‘It says Ms L!ndem@nn’s in tray. But you’re not in tray.’

I give them my best long-suffering look. ‘It says In Tray, not in t’tray.’

(I speak fluent Yarkshire tha knows.)

My students are a little disappointed by my refusal to climb ‘in tray’. I am a little disappointed by the quantity of homework in aforesaid tray. Perhaps they’re just leaving plenty of space for me to get in.

Still, less work in the tray means less marking, so all’s well. šŸ™‚

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