Three Cheers

As I walked in the door my Y7 class started to cheer and applaud. I can’t say that this is something that happens to me in the course of a normal day, so I was more than a little taken aback.

Then they stood up and applauded and cheered some more. Me? I just stood there looking a bit confused for a moment before grinning madly and asking, ‘Er – why?’ After all, when one receives a standing ovation, one feels one should have done something to deserve it.

The deserving aspect turns out to be optional though. One of the class informed me they’d done it because they are ‘crazy but nice.’ I can’t argue with that.

Then I had to step outside the door for a couple of minutes whilst I introduced a couple of students who were moving groups to their new teacher. I returned… to a standing ovation. As you do.

Dellboy popped her head round the door to see what all the fuss was about. You can guess what happened next. Standing ovations are evidently like buses: they turn up in threes.

I’m not sure that my lesson lived up to the rapturous welcome it got (although to be honest, it’s hard to imagine a lesson that would), but they certainly cheered me up. Literally.

I wonder if I should arrange for this class to star in one of those teacher training recruitment adverts?

4 comments to Three Cheers

  • Yorkshire Pudding

    Bizarre! In contrast I am currently wrestling with a boy who talks about nothing else but sex and won’t shut up about it. I have complained. I have written to his mother but it goes on. He’s fifteen and he sometimes plays with himself under the table. I am open-minded but I find this all so disgusting and so far beneath me. I haven’t had to deal with something quite like this before.

  • Enjoy. Whatever the reasons, its great to get positive input.

  • YP – you need to refer this to your person in charge of child protection. SSD may need to be involved under your local procedures – they would in every county I’ve ever worked in.

  • I could do with that kind of confidence boost some days!
    Thanks for your kind condolence for my cat, Bob. I miss him so much.

    Your cat has a lovely face and such a beautiful black coat 🙂