What I did on my holidays…

I seem to have taken a rather unexpectedly long real life break.

You know how these things go: you start a task, the type that has become known in our house as a Just Job. That’s as in “I’ll just fix those cracked floorboards.” Except the cracked floorboards turn out to be pieces of torus skirting, nailed on upside down during the great bathroom conversion by Bodgit and Scarper, circa 1970-something. And they’re not really nailed down too well either, because there seems to be something missing. Shouldn’t there be a joist there, where that suspiciously empty space seems to be? And why is this piece of joist over here flapping about as if it isn’t attached to anything? Oh, that’ll be because it isn’t attached to anything.

“I’ll just…” = major project. I keep saying I’m going to stop using the J-word, but I never learn.

The silver lining to all this is that there’s a recession on, so a phone call to the joiner (who had previously shown no interest in fixing a few broken floorboards) produced a speedy result: joiner fixes joists, floorboards are replaced, all is well.

“Now I’ll just patch patch up that plaster.”

“I’ll just put those skirting boards back now.”

“I’ll just…”

You get the picture.

It reminded me of this (thanks to Kate!):

Anyhoo, it’s taken a while, but the bathroom’s looking lovely. I’ve just finished it. 🙂

2 comments to What I did on my holidays…

  • Ro

    “Just” is, as you may have read over at my place, one of my least favourite words.

    That said, it’s never nearly so bad when it’s me that’s saying it. As in “I’ll just look at this webpage before I turn in at a sensible hour”, which translates as “I don’t mind going to bed at 2am”.

  • I agree with your sentiments on ‘Just’ and that video clip is excellent!