Taking Off

I threw Mr TLC out of the house today.

It’s not quite as sudden and unexpected an event as it may sound, I think we’d been building up to it for a little while now.

I mean, he passed his driving test last Tuesday and he still hadn’t been out in the car. I’d dropped hints, given him the car keys, made suggestions, but he just wasn’t showing any sign of wanting to drive anywhere. Sometimes you just have to get a bit demanding.

Anyway, he’s now taken his maiden voyage, to visit his slightly surprised son (we almost never drop in unannounced) and has made it back home again. Since we share a car (which up until now has always been available for me, since I was the only driver) there may come a point when I regret persuading lovely Mr TLC to learn to drive. Not yet though, at the moment we’re just enjoying Mr TLC’s happy I’ve-passed-my-test-and-been-for-a-drive feeling.

5 comments to Taking Off

  • It took me 2 years after I passed my test to actually drive again!
    Then again I didn’t have a car, or a need to drive, until I started my job anyway!

  • z

    Good for Mr TLC. And you’re a fool woman, and you’ll regret it.

  • Yorkshire Pudding

    Let’s hope that new driver Mr TLC doesn’t come in sheepishly one day saying “I pranged the car in Tesco car park. It was the bollard’s fault!”

  • Ro

    I was in my early 30s when I got around to passing my driving test. My then-wife was very keen that I did so that I could help out more easily with transportation duties, especially as our son was growing towards school age.

    As a one-car family, though, she soon came to regret it!

    Perhaps you should start saving for that second car now 😉

  • Well done to Mr TLC!

    I’m sure I said that before last time I came by but maybe I’m just going madder than I thought I was…