Four Candles

Potatoes and Green Peas

When I got home tonight Mr TLC told me that he had bought some potatoes and some new green peas. A slight misunderstanding ensued. 🙂

Then I discovered that I had won on the Premium Bonds. Woohoo! No, I’m not a millionnaire, twas only £25 – but what the heck, those peas didn’t look very edible, so we abandoned them and ate out. Such decadence – and it’s only Thursday…

3 comments to Four Candles

  • Yorkshire Pudding

    What was on the menu? A potage of prickly pears with pickled plums, and peppered prime possum in a piquant pineapple sauce? Did you go for a “P” before you left?

  • CBK

    Thank you for this delightful post! I am espoused to a Brit here in the States and can relate to the misunderstanding. Imagine my surprise when he informs me he will be wearing “car keys” with the new shirt I bought him. Then appears in khakis! I found you due the Three Legged Cat. My sweet Cinnamon is losing a leg to a weird infection and am searching for comfort in this decision.

  • three-legged-cat

    Sorry to hear about Cinnamon. I remember how worried I felt when my cat lost a leg. Actually he got used to it a lot more quickly than I did.

    The first few days are really hard and you’ll be wondering why you went ahead, but it’s surprising how fast cats recover. Mine was dragging dead birds through the cat flap within three months.

    Actually I don’t think I’d have minded if his three-leggedness had stopped him from hunting, but he was happy.