Last day of term? Bah humbug!

Bah Humbug‘Hi Miss, are we doing something fun today?’

‘Absolutely, we’re doing this nice past exam paper. What could be more fun than that?’

I’m not really a Scrooge, the last day of term is usually a little light-hearted, but my Y10 group have a GCSE maths module exam less than three weeks into next term. We’re having some fun lessons, but after the module. Until then, it’s normal service. I’ve explained this, they understand. Still, it was the last day, I could understand why they looked a bit fed up.

We all got on with some work. At least, most of us did.


‘What is the point of coming back this afternoon?’ complained one student. He was working on his past paper, but he was not a happy bunny.

We only have one lesson after lunch, which on the last day consists of a bit of time with form tutors, followed by a pantomime performed by some of the staff for the students.

‘Well, there’s the pantomime,’ I say brightly. ‘You can laugh at the teachers.’

My unhappy student regarded me with a pitying look. ‘We do that every day,’ he informed me, in a weary kind of way.

Ouch. Puts me in my place!

Photo: Bah Humbug by comedy_nose. Used under Creative Commons Licence

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