All good things must end

Jack Frost

Most people went back to work today, but for me this was the last day of the holiday.

We decided to do a quick run to the supermarket and then set off on a small quest to buy me some boots that don’t leak. Good thing we did, since judging by the weather forecast, I may need those new boots tomorrow.

Our car has remained idle for several days and was wrapped in a rather impressive layer of ice, so our quick trip to the shops turned into a rather more major undertaking than we had anticipated. Our ice-scraping did uncover some very beautiful frost patterns though.

Back to school tomorrow.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like my job. But I like the holidays rather more.

3 comments to All good things must end

  • Yorkshire Pudding

    LOIS – Oh dear! I fear that all this snow will have extended your Xmas holidays! Not to worry, I am sure you will volunteer to make up for the lost days by teaching your willing charges during the Easter break. If I didn’t say before – Happy New Year!
    You can have your kiddies calculating how many snowflakes have fallen on Sheffield in the last 48 hours – this will make their mathematics seem more relevant to real life. Also how many grains of rock salt have been spread on our street this winter? Answer – nil!

  • Lois Lindemann

    Steady on YP – a day off for snow? Surely not…

    Actually, we were sent home early, so I found myself with an unexpectedly relaxing afternoon. Very nice. I think I would find working part-time rather appealling, if only it wasn’t for the part-time pay 😉

  • The ice patterns are excellent! Jack Frost is a true artist.