birthday cakeIt’s the start of June, which means that Mr TLC’s granddaughter is 3. Where does the time go? It also means that I get to play at baking birthday cakes. Actually, this year I get to do it twice – once for the family do, once for the kids’ party in a few days time. Excellent.

This year’s effort was a slightly wonky fairy castle, snapped rather badly with my phone. The phone has a perfectly adequate camera, alas it has a somewhat inadequate user who hasn’t quite got the hang of it yet. Still, practice makes perfect – and the fact that my camera has literally fallen apart means I foresee quite a bit of practice ahead!

Anyhoo, the slightly wonky fairy castle may not have looked like it wandered out of a professional kitchen, but it did look like it had been home made – and it tasted nice. And it put a very big smile on the birthday girl’s face.

Now, what shall I make for the next one…



birthday cake birthday cake birthday cake birthday cake

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