Riding the Roller Coaster of Life

house bricksA glance at my sidebar indicates a rather quiet May. A glance at my life indicates quite the opposite, the last month has been somewhat eventful.

It started quietly enough. In fact, in a nice bit of temporal symmetry, the month both began and ended with school holidays. During the first one, I did something that I ought to do more often: I gave myself a break. I did a lot of reading, which felt very self indulgent, but it was good. In fact something of a book binge ensued. (Hmm, a book binge in May, haven’t I done that before?) Watching Game of Thrones meant that like many others, I decided to try the books and had a thoroughly enjoyable time reading the series, or at least, the four books that have been published so far. If fantasy is your thing, I’d recommend it, tis good. Been a whole lot of reading going on this month, probably worth a post of its own.

We also had a few grand days out, the best of which was our jaunt to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, something else that’s worthy of a post of its own. Maybe later.

Went back to school feeling so relaxed that putting my school shoes on felt weird. Driving the car to work felt weird. I love my job, but taking a real break from it was good, think I need to do that more often.

Anyway, I went back to work expecting a busy few weeks – it is the final countdown to exams for several year groups – and I was not disappointed.

We also had a busy month scheduled on the home front – starting with a trip to the World Water Bombing Championships. Probably an ideal world championship for me, but we were spectators, not competitors :)  We had lots of other things lined up, but then life dropped one of its little surprises on us.

A phone call heralded a worrying few days and a lot of hospital visiting. Happily the outcome involved establishing that the Royal Derby Hospital is flipping fantastic and that SuperMum has magnificent recuperative powers. Go SuperMum!

And as for young people today, what can I say? After a weekend of hospital visiting I offered my apologies to Y10 for not marking their work on time and for an unexpected change of plan for our lessons that week. On hearing this, they were not only very kind and supportive to me, they did something rather lovely. During the lesson I had a sense they were up to something, but no more than that. At the end of the lesson they presented me with a homemade get well card for SuperMum, signed by them all, with lots of nice messages and kind words. Young people today – take it from me, they’re marvellous!

That just left a few events to round off the month: our car spoiling its clean sheet and becoming intimately acquainted with an AA tow truck; an unsuccessful job interview (still, I do like my current job, so no complaints there) and a nostalgic trip back to my old hometown for a TeachMeet. Also getting lost in my old hometown, but we won’t mention that bit, nor the part where I drove around shouting at Sandra the SatNav. Ahem.

What did I do in May? I rode the rollercoaster of life. It may not have gone to plan, but it turned out OK.

How about you?

Photo: Corkscrew Roller Coaster by Vlastula on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons Licence.

7 comments to Riding the Roller Coaster of Life

  • Z

    Best wishes to SuperMum.

    I agree, young people are marvellous, though I’m more acquainted with Y9 than with Y10 on a bi-weekly basis.

    We’re piloting the latest Ofsted incarnation, so are on tenterhooks for The Call. I’m terrified I’ll let down the management.

    And I’ve got a new grandson.

    That’s enough for one comment, I think!

  • Sounds like a very busy May. I’m pleased to hear that the hospital episode has resolved well.

    My next job will be to follow your link to the water bombing championships.

    Hoping you are enjoying the half term hol.

  • will

    Ha! I now officially hate you :^) Yes, “many others” decided to read Game of Thrones after seeing the television series. However, some of us have only managed to get through the first book and 7% into the second. Mind you, the good thing about being this slow a reader – by the time I finish the fourth book, the fifth will be published. (Although, as I have a feeling that the 5th book took several years to appear, it might be a longer wait for the sixth.)

  • Pleased to hear SuperMum is on the mend, and great to hear that you were making excuses to your students, rather than the other way round, for once!

  • I agree with you that many young people today are “marvellous” but your spectacles would have to be exceedingly rose-tinted if you were unable to see that a sizeable minority are essentially nasty little shits. It’s not really their fault that they have turned out that way – they are the product of poor parenting and a culture that is often rich with messages about looking after number one first, taking easy paths and resisting authority. If you want to meet genuinely “marvellous” students you should try teaching in Thailand. Wow!

  • Lois Lindemann

    Hello everyone – sorry to ignore you all, I’m still dipping in and out of my digital life. My analogue life keeps taking over!

    Z – Ofsted sounds stressful – good luck!

    Rashbre – certainly am enjoying it, hope your break is equally relaxing.

    Will – nooo, don’t hate me! When I was at school, we had a couple of lessons on speed reading. I think they were hoping that we would go away and practise. Being a geeky sort of child, I did. Rapid reading has a downside though, I’ve been making an effort to slow down recently, because I remember what I’ve read much more effectively if I read more slowly.

    Blue Witch – it was probably time for my turn at excuses. I do try to strike a balance by cutting the students a bit of slack (we’re all human) but not letting them take the proverbial. Paid off when it was me who had the encounter with the homework-eating dog and they returned the favour. 🙂

    YP – rose-tinted? Surely not. Yes, I’ve encountered a few nasty characters and some who are basically decent kids who need to sort out certain aspects of their behaviour, but I really do think that the vast majority are not like that.

  • Phew, stressy month. Yorkshire Sculpture park is on my list ‘to go’ been once before and had a grand day out.