Yes, I can see that even if anything like this ever gets manufactured, there are still a whole lot of potential problems. But, hey, it’s a balmy summer’s evening, I can dream if I want to. Even if it is unlikely that the day when I stop needing choosing to cart around the chargers […]

It's started…

It’s June 10th, the bunting has appeared – it’s the Broomhill Festival!

The festival may be a local affair, with most events taking place within the suburb of Broomhill, but it is gets bigger year on year, both in terms of the number and quality of events and the amazing amount of money raised for […]

Adrian Sudbury's Campaign

Adrian Sudbury is dying, but is so full of passion for life.

You may have seen him on the news last week, wearing his trademark beanie hat. He is campaigning to ensure that all young people in the UK learn about what is involved in donating blood and bone marrow and also about organ donation. […]

A plea for help

Today I made two discoveries. Firstly I stumbled upon Sal Brown’s Excellent Adventures blog. This led to the second discovery. A very surprising discovery, because not only did I know nothing about this (and I do read the local paper, watch the local news and pick up local news feeds), but neither did my Mother, […]

You're Not The Only One

Peach, who has a rather splendid blog, is organising a very splendid thing. But I expect you know that already don’t you?

You only have until Friday 29th February Sunday 9th March to submit suitable tales, unless you have writer’s blog, in which case you could wait and buy the book instead (like me).

All […]