Walking the Rivelin Valley – Part Three

The sound of water is always in the background as you walk along the valley. Sometimes its a quiet babble, at others its a crashing roar, but its never far away. It’s not hard to see why there was such a concentration of mills in this area.

There are reminders that you aren’t far from […]

Walking the Rivelin Valley – Part Two

Standing and looking at the site of the former Mousehole Forge I was struck by how peaceful it was. These days it’s a private house, but when it was a working forge I suspect the noise would have drowned out the sound from the river.

The site has a long history, but is most famous […]

Walking the Rivelin Valley – Part One

Walking hasn’t happened for me this week. A combination of illness (first me, then Mr TLC going down with ye olde traditional Christmas holiday lurgy) and leaky boots (the only pair in which I can stay upright on slippy, icy surfaces) have conspired against me. So, as I sit here in my armchair, I thought […]