I sometimes think I must be a bit strange. After all, it’s well known that girls love shopping, especially for clothes. I hate shopping for clothes. I know many people who love to spend time wandering around enormous shopping malls, but I’m not one of them. Personally I detest the giant shopping complex that is Meadowhell, but it does have shops that sell stuff I needed and sometimes needs must, so off I went.

My ‘Eat a bit less, do a bit more’ plan has resulted in me looking a bit odd at school, now that all my work clothing was somewhat overlarge. I’ve been getting around this for a while by always wearing a belt, so that the waistlines of my trousers got gathered up to fit. This tactic kept my clothes in place and prevented embarrassment, but I’d started to look rather bundled up. Definitely time to start wearing a different size.

We didn’t find any giveaway items in the many closing down sales, but we did find a man creche outside the Marks and Spencer changing rooms. I’m not sure why Mr TLC insisted on accompanying me, but at least he had a nice comfy sofa to sit on whilst I tried on eleventy nine things.

Anyway, I now have work clothes that actually fit, which is just as well, because I need to look smart next week. And that’s my bit for boosting the economy done. Well done me.

2 comments to Meadowhell

  • Know what you mean about the shopping, I hate it too!

    Well done on losing the weight 🙂

  • My experience with men and shopping is that it’s always “very nice” unless you really like it.

    Having said that my partner has becoming skilled at choosing clothes I never knew I liked until he urged me to try them on.