Not down a well, but possibly in a small hole

Oh my, I’ve been rather quiet here of late. Can I blame work, or shall I go straight for a plea of insanity?

Anyhoo, I haven’t evaporated/been kidnapped by aliens/fallen down a well. I am perfectly fine, just doing too much for my own good (as usual).

However, I am going to be making a few changes here, so be warned. I am also going to blither on about them, but I imagine you expected that by this point.

1. I have come up with an overly elaborate plan to retrieve my comments from Halosc@n. I’m going to attempt it this weekend. I’m not entirely convinced it will work and I may completely mess up my own blog, so bear with me. I’ll fix it up eventually. I hope.

2. I’m giving up my three-legged alias. Just about all of Y10 have found me, so I’ll just have to bore them into leaving 😛

Actually, the real reason for this is nothing to do with my students. It’s because I’ve goofed. How very precedented!

I’ve always used my own, actual, genuine real name for professional stuff, so that means two Google accounts, two Twitter accounts etc. Then I finally got an invite for Google Wave and rushed to sign up. Except I signed in with the wrong account. Doh! Now I seem to be trying to interact with my fellow professionals as a three-legged cat. How embarrassing.

It’s official, I’m an idiot. (I know, I know, you worked that out ages ago.) So there you are, I’m not down a well, but I am busy digging myself into a small hole.

After much dithering (Move the blog? Rename the blog,? Just brazen it out and let my colleagues and the rest of the world know that I’m a crazy cat lady?), I’ve come to the conclusion that the simplest thing is to admit that I was never that anonymous anyway and update my Google profile to represent me.

So there you have it. The blog name remains, but I’m giving up on pretending to be a kitteh.


PS I may even write some actual blog posts! Not just the ones that are here.

6 comments to Not down a well, but possibly in a small hole

  • Mr TLC

    What about me? Do I get unmasked too?

  • I wouldn’t worry – Lois is a pretty name, for a cat or human.

    As for google wave, I got myself an account, but haven’t had anything to wave about. Seems like it’s yet another account you have to log in for to do the things that you already manage to do in other ways.

  • It is a bit complicated having more than one account.

    Especially with some of the social software that tries to link everything together.

    Good luck under whichever identity you choose to publicise.

  • z

    Years ago, I accidentally left a comment on someone’s blog with my full name (I wrote Z and it automatically filled in and I didn’t notice) and since then I’ve been findable with Google. A bit embarrassing, but it keeps me polite about people.

    You do have a beautiful name, at any rate!

  • Please let Mr. TLC keep his identity secret.

    Supporters of *that* footy team should be allowed to remain anonymous.

    Tee hee.

  • Yorkshire Pudding

    Even though a small number of fellow bloggers know who I really am, I am so pleased that mostly I have been able to maintain my anonymity. Having been a teacher, I know that this is a job in which it is prudent to protect your online self. So many teachers have been unpleasantly compromised – especially via Facebook. I also hate the way that Google leaves a trail of references to one’s name so that even leaving a comment on say a BBC news item can prove compromising when slightly malicious schoolchildren track you down. Good Luck. New Blogname – How about “Superman’s Mistress”? Ha-ha!