yes i know my wayMr TLC starts to get mobile, including walking from the kitchen to the living room using only one crutch. Result. 🙂  This momentous step forward marks Mr TLC’s return to being a maker of copious cups of tea.

Mr TLC’s latest x-ray shows signs of the bones starting to heal. Woohoo!

I conquer the paper mountain that formed spontaneously during the last few weeks of term. I churn through a mass of dull but essential tasks and time-thieving paperwork. My desk reappears. Yay!

Mr TLC continues to head along the return route to normality: he is not just able to make a sandwich, he’s back to making the bread.

GCSE results day arrives surprisingly quickly. Flowers and thank you cards arrive rather unexpectedly. How lovely.

Mr TLC starts to take a few steps without his crutches. Only on flat ground and his gait resembles a drunken Charlie Chaplin, but it’s progress.

Which just leaves the millstone. Unlike Neil (who did brilliantly), I got a rather bad mark on my final tutor marked assignment. In fact, eventually I admitted to myself that I couldn’t meet the deadline and had to take a hit on that one: no final TMA submitted, so a score of 0% for me. Not what I envisaged when I started the course, but May and June did not go to plan and sadly something had to give. My average score is high enough to pass that section of the course, but there’s just the small daunting matter of the final assignment that will account for 50% of my mark on this unit. Better write quickly, time’s running out…

Photo: yes i know my way by Paolo Margari on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons Licence.

2 comments to Milestones

  • You might still be ok with your final score if your course runs substitution (in a nutshell, your lowest TMA mark is not included in the average). Try the grade predictor to see what you might get from the EMA.

  • Lois Lindemann

    Thanks for that Neil, it was worth checking, but – bad luck for me – my course doesn’t do that. Our TMAs all get aggregated, but they don’t all contribute the same amount. Unfortunately for me it’s the early ones that have a very small percentage weighting, presumably to allow for people not getting the standards right on the early TMAs. Fortunately, even with a big fat zero, I’ve got a high enough average to pass the TMAs.

    Getting a bit scared about the EMA though – it’s not a bad assignment, but by the time I’d played catch up on the coursework needed to tackle it, I’m up against a tight deadline. Eek!.