We went to vote today.

I have never seen such a ludicrously long ballot paper. I had never even heard of some of the parties on it. It was like being in the supermarket: masses of brands, but very little choice.

I am disappointed to find that amongst that astoundingly long list of parties there was not one that I felt any kind of strong support for. Not even the one that I used to be a member of. They obviously anticipated my strong support, they even emailed me to remind me to vote. I did (but I always vote), just not for them.

It came down to the usual fudge: find the party that

  • isn’t racist
  • has some policies I agree with
  • has other policies that I don’t agree with, but at least they don’t send me into a rage/cold sweat/underground bunker

and then vote for them. X.

Anyway, the polling station seemed quite busy, more so than normal. The ballot box was stuffed full to the point where we were struggling to fit our ballot papers in. Does that indicate that there has been a high turnout, or is it just that the ballot papers are so ridiculously long they don’t fit? Who knows? Either way, I think they’re gonna need a bigger box.

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