Agent Smith

“Miss, you know that Mr Smith?”

Mr Smith is our careers advisor, so obviously I do.

“Yes, of course.”“Is he a secret agent?”

A secret agent. Wow, I hope so. Although obviously it’s somewhat unlikely.

“Maybe. What gave him away?”

“Well, when Sads went for his careers interview, he said he could speak Spanish and […]

European Day of Languages (-1)

Le 26 Septembre sera la Journée Européenne de Langues. À mon école, il y a deux profs de langues qui ne travaillent pas le vendredi, donc on célèbre la journée de langues un jour en avance. Il y aura beaucoup d’événements et d’activités intéressants à l’école aujourd’hui.

La journée commencera avec un petit déjeuner international. […]

Did you know?

Did you know that the United Nations General Assembly declared 2008 to be an International Year of Languages? No? I thought not. Apparently UNESCO will be co-ordinating the projects for the year. Has anyone noticed anything actually happening yet? No, me neither. (Please tell me if I’m wrong here, maybe lots of exciting language projects […]

I'll be back

Sometimes I put more effort into avoiding doing something than it would take to just get on with it and get it done. Even when it’s something I want to do!

Tonight I am forcing myself to go back to my French class. This makes it sound as if the class is a chore, something […]