Spurious Lists

Five random things that have happened since I started blogging:1. I have outed myself.

Strange but true. I decided that since I sometimes write about school, the best thing was to just tell the headteacher what I was doing. So I went to see him and outed myself as a not-particularly-anonymous Blogger (frankly, anyone who […]

Paper Bag Writer

Why?1. Because Z asked so nicely, how could I refuse?2. Because the Vision On style video made me smile.3. Because I need a gift bag for a birthday present.4. Because it looks like fun!

Pictures of my efforts to follow…



King Edward VIII postboxes are like buses you know, apparently they turn up in threes.

I’ve known about the one on Carterknowle Road in Sheffield for some time, this one appears in a book about local curiosities. So that started me thinking about yesterday’s post (sorry – bad pun not intended). There’s a very nice […]

How to have a brilliant birthday party

by H, aged 3

1. Break the iceIt’s easy to get your grown-up guests talking to each other, just give them something to talk about. Wait until your Mum isn’t looking, then lob a load of sand at them, that’ll do the trick.

“I’ve got sand between my toes”“I’ve got sand in my drink.”“It’s like […]

Photo Mosaic Meme

1. L0i$ the Pie Queen, 2. Salad is good for everyone !!, 3. Ryle$ Jazz Club (1), 4. Blue ice cave at the Jostedalsbreen glacier, 5. George Clooney, 6. Blanquette de Limoux II, 7. La Charente, 8. coffee and chocolate mousse cake, 9. Beautiful Old Lady, 10. Bert with Alan Hansen, 11. Teacher in […]

Make it so!

I love daft quizzes. I love Star Trek. So when Blue Witch linked to a Star Trek personality quiz, I was in my element.

Apparently I am most like Jean Luc Piccard:

A lover of Shakespeare and otherfine literature. You have a decisive mindand a firm hand in dealing with others. Jean-Luc Picard – […]

Book Binge – The List!

I had this all planned at the start of May, but looking back I haven’t read any of the books I originally intended to read! Ah well, there’s always next month…

Anyway, these are the ones that I did read:

Firstly I read five out of the six books that have been shortlisted for the […]

Reading List

Kitchen Witch has got me thinking with this list of books. Back-tracking to Infinite Drivel I found out what they have in common: the list is the books most frequently marked “unread” on librarything.

Lists, books – how can I resist? (Especially when I’m in the middle of a Book Binge.) I was already mentally […]

I Start a Binge!

I like books.I like lists.So that’s me hooked!May is normally a pretty hectic month, but it also includes a week of half-term holiday, so I’m not sure how much I will read over the next month.Will it be a binge or a light snack? Time will tell…

Thanks to Z for sharing this great idea.If […]

A Tissue

A selection of things that you can buy in St Pancras station at 9pm on a Friday night:Expensive chocolatesA book about the stationFrilly underwear (handy for those who have pulled on the train)Body lotion (ditto)A mug (that’s as in drinking vessel, I didn’t see any gullible people for sale)A jigsaw10 000 different types of sandwichA […]