Ay Up and Away

I would like to dedicate this post to Oliver Letwin MP, who is putting in a strong performance in his bid for the title of Least Popular Man in Sheffield. Allegedly.


My Favourite Places

Last summer, Eleven, a local creative design studio produced a very nice little booklet and accompanying website called ‘Our Favourite Places’, a very personal guide to some of Sheffield’s restaurants, shops, bars, parks and so on. (There’s a nice review here on Sheffieldblog.) I really liked the mix of photos, maps and descriptions. Much as […]

The Breath of Life

Things I am not good at: reviewing plays. I offer as evidence the fact that this is my fourth (or is it fifth?) attempt to write a simple post. Could. Do. Better.

Cancel the review then, I’ll simply tell you that Sheffield Theatre’s David Hare season is highly recommended. Having managed to miss previous […]

Rolf Paints his Dream

Can you tell what it is yet?

With all the riches on offer during the recent Sheffield Doc/Fest, I could happily have moved into the Showroom Cinema for the duration, but alas, time and deadlines were against me, so I had to choose.

My choice proved to be a popular one. The promised appearance of […]

And the winner is…

…Henderson’s Relish!

It is now officially the Vegetarian Society’s Best Store Cupboard Ingredient Winner. Quite right too.

“Everyone should have this gem in the cupboard, a Worcestershire style sauce without the anchovies, perfect to add to almost any savoury dish.”

It may have been better if I hadn’t mentioned to Mr TLC that my […]

TLC’s Midnight Garden

An unexpected treat tonight: walking through town we passed the Winter Gardens. Have they always been open so late? I’m sure they used to be bolted and barred from early evening.

Anyway, in we went and discovered that we had the place to ourselves (I’m sure there was a security guard/City Centre Ambassador/CCTV camera […]

Four Lions

A comedy about a motley crew of wannabe jihadists – it doesn’t sound promising does it? But I’d heard good things about it and besides, it was mostly filmed in Sheffield and I’m always up for a bit of location-spotting. Last night we finally set off to see Chris Morris’ debut feature film, Four Lions […]

Smokin’ Snowman

The first time I spotted her, she was very curvaceous, but noticeably lacking something. I idly wondered if my neighbour was sculpting Ann Boleyn, but then I spotted him making the snowball that was destined to become her head.

Her consort appeared the next day. Not sure who added the cigarette, but I think he […]

Walking the Rivelin Valley – Part Three

The sound of water is always in the background as you walk along the valley. Sometimes its a quiet babble, at others its a crashing roar, but its never far away. It’s not hard to see why there was such a concentration of mills in this area.

There are reminders that you aren’t far from […]

Walking the Rivelin Valley – Part Two

Standing and looking at the site of the former Mousehole Forge I was struck by how peaceful it was. These days it’s a private house, but when it was a working forge I suspect the noise would have drowned out the sound from the river.

The site has a long history, but is most famous […]